2022 Annual Newsletter – Styx River

We’ve had yet another exciting year here on the Styx River. Currently, it’s looking more and more like Christmas. Soon the Christmas carols and karaoke will be ringing out. If you’re not here, you’re missing out on some good football with some great friends. Almost everyone is outside cheering their favorite teams next to a campfire with hot cocoa in one hand and a smore in another.

Next time you visit Styx River be sure to check out the pavilion by the café where our team has done a great job painting, staining the wood, installing new ceiling fans, and adding some new décor. On your drive in you will notice some new landscaping at the entrance. We’ve added fresh mulch and new flowers as well as trimmed up the bushes. Our cabins have had all the mattresses replaced with new ones and the clubhouse has had a new A/C installed.

The church is receiving a facelift with new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom as well as new cabinets and sinks. We look forward to having this project finished in the very near future. Our next plan for the cabins will include a fresh coat of paint, new décor, replacing furniture, and repairs as needed.

Check out our annual calendar. We have something planned for the whole family this coming year. Join us at the river on the first of April for the Roaring-on-the-River Weekend. Bring y’er doggie named Polly to the Pirates Weekend as we take over the resort and make the staff walk the plank. And compete for the gold in the Family Olympics this July.

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