2022 Annual Newsletter – Millwood Landing

We can’t be more excited about the renewed spirit at Millwood Landing. It’s exciting to see the golf course beginning to take the shape it once had many years ago. There has been so much progress made on the resort that we hope that this winter goes by quickly and members come back just as soon.

We have gone through several major improvements in the last few months with plenty more still to come. The grass at the golf course has a lot of our attention thanks to Ronnie and the staff. We have purchased a lot of equipment and hired more staff, fixed the irrigation system, and got the greens back to par.

The buildings around the resort have received a huge facelift as well. We are working hard to open back up the country club. The roof has been repaired, water turned back on, and new ac units installed. Our plans are to get this reopened for our members and friends this next year.

The cabins and cottages are being updated as well. We are replacing a few of the exterior boards, installing new underpinnings and replacing new decks. On the inside, we have new mattresses you will enjoy.
With all the renovations going on, we are excited to bring an activity director to start later in the year. If you haven’t vacationed at the resort or played a round of golf, swing through this spring.

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  1. So happy that many renovations are happening there! This resort is one day’s drive for us so we will be able to come your way often I hope! Hello to Mike and Mary! Such nice folks! They were very helpful to us when we were at Millwood on Thanksgiving weekend 2021!

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