2022 Annual Newsletter – Hideaway Ponds

The smells of campfires are drifting throughout the park. Now that the park is beginning to slow down, we have finally been able to reflect on the past few months and realize how we have so much to be thankful for.

We couldn’t be any more proud of the staff at Hideaway Ponds. In August we took a direct hit from Hurricane Ida. It was supposed to be a category 3 hurricane but quickly turned into a category 4 before hitting shore. This caused mandatory evacuations from the surrounding area. The resort was blessed to have stood through this storm. Our willow trees, which have stood strong through many storms in the last several hundreds of years, are still standing tall and proud. Such are the people of this area.

Our staff have worked hard to clean up the resort. Thank you to all the staff from the other resorts that came to help with all the cleanup efforts. Thank you to the members at Tres Rios and the city of Glen Rose, Texas, as well as the members at Millwood Landing and the city of Ashdown, AR, who rose to the challenge of providing food and clothing not just to the resort but to the local community as well.

This past year, they have been making huge improvements around the park for the drainage and general remodeling. We’ve installed a new fish cleaning station as well as a new lift station.

This next year, we are going to making a lot of great memories. This January, bring your best apron, pot and chili recipe and let’s see who’s going to be crowned winner of the Chili Cook-off this year. In May, we have some great back-to-back weekends. Mother’s Day weekend is always a treat but if you can’t make it, then treat yourself with our Chocolate Lovers Weekend. Check out our annual calendar and start planning your next road trip.

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