Texoma Shores – Spring 2020

Spring is in the air here at Texoma Shores. We are still enjoying the fruits of our two new resort managers’ labors. John Waugh and Michelle Spicher joined us here at Texoma Shores in October.  They have hit the ground running and done a fantastic job getting the park into shape and making everything run smoothly. We are excited to have them at Texoma Shores.

If you and your family are wanting to get away from everything and leave all of your stress behind, this is the place for you. It is one of the most beautiful places that you will ever see. The sunsets and sunrises will leave you in awe. The fishing is fantastic, especially if you enjoy catching 10 lb. bass! There is a swimming beach that keeps the kids entertained for hour upon hour. You can hear their squeals of fun and merriment from all around.

The night sky at Texoma Shores is a sight to behold! The whole Milky Way is on display and the colors of the sky look as if they could have been painted by Van Gogh. You won’t want to miss the beauty above you at this resort.

When looking around, you will notice lots of improvements. We are rebuilding the docks and making them nicer for you and your family to fish from. We are also making some utility upgrades and improvements on the hiking trails around the park. Improvements are of the utmost importance to us because we want you and your family to love what you see and to make beautiful memories together while you are here with us.  

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  1. Hi, is the park open?
    planing going to be there by June. I am a member of Ocean Canyon

    Francisco Montes

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      Hi Francisco, the park is open. If for some reason the park will need to close, you will be contacted by our reservations department. We hope you have a great time while you are there.

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      Give us a call at (855) 872-1469, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST and we will be able to answer all the questions about cabins and motel rentals.

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