Millwood Landing – Annual 2021

Spending time at Millwood with its warm days and cool nights have been a dream after the heat of summer. Enjoying the outdoors and visiting with other RV’ers has continued to make the resort a relaxing place to spend time. Bike riding, fishing or playing golf have been the activities for the more ambitious campers.

Do you want to meet up with family in a safe, relaxing environment? Millwood has cabins for non-RV families and plenty of sites for those with an RV. Plan a weekend and use the large pavilion for a potluck and games. Play horseshoes next to one of the fishing ponds or basketball on the court.

As we move into winter, we will be working on the grounds. We will also be doing a few maintenance and repairs on the cabins along with any road work that needs to be done around the resort. If you are looking for a great place to escape and haven’t been to Millwood, come visit us this Winter.

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