OCP Series: New years resolutions; Dieting. Eat Simple. Move Simple.

We’re taking on the most popular resolutions and giving them an Ocean Canyon spin! Last time we addressed spending more time with family and friends (to see that article, and the complete list of of the most popular resolutions, go to Tres Rios RV Park’s Blog).

Today we deal with a resolution almost everyone can agree on: losing weight! Sadly, after agreeing on the goal, no two groups agree on how it’s done. Cut out fat, cut out sugar, go high protein/low carb, go high carb/low protein, no red meat, vegetarian, vegan…! Whew. Exhausting.

When in doubt, simplify. We already know you like to have a foot in the great outdoors. Whether you reserve a vacation cabin at Lake Texoma Shores or bring your RV to the RV park, you appreciate the simple life. Being a little closer to the earth than to the concrete jungle. Simple works in dieting, too:

1. Simple numbers

– Bottom line, if you want to drop the spare tire, you have to use it up by burning more calories than you add. We’d all like another way, but there it is. How do you do that? It’s all about habits; making good ones and breaking bad ones. Eat less. Consider smaller plates to help you get used to smaller portion sizes – they’ll take up less space in the RV or your camping gear anyway. No one needs to super-size! Remember how Mom told you to always finish the food on your plate? Well, we respectfully disagree. If you’re full, or even close to it, stop eating. Save it for later if you don’t want to be wasteful, but stop eating if you don’t want to be “waist-full” (couldn’t resist). I promise not to tell your

Tray of vegetables

2. Simple food

– The closer the food is to its original form, the healthier it is. Whole grains are better than white flour. Apples are great for your sweet tooth, but candy just airs up that spare tire without even filling you up. Baked potato, good; potato chips, not so much. A sliced tomato, good; ketchup, who are you trying to kid? You need 4-5 veggie servings a day and almost no one gets enough. Think broccoli and celery with dip instead of chips. Toss some spinach leaves on your burger instead of Iceberg lettuce (the nutritional equivalent of eating air). Hummus (a tasty dip made of chickpeas) and guacamole (mashed avocado with some spices) are creative ways to get more veggies. Have a V-8 or tomato juice (low salt variety) instead of Dr Pepper. Often adults mistake the thirst reflex for hunger, so drink water, water and more water! Fill up with healthy whole foods and you won’t feel hungry or lethargic. A great thing about packing for a camping vacation is you control your pantry! Chop the vegetables ahead of time or buy them pre-washed and chopped. They’re very easy to store and most don’t need refrigeration. Bring more water, less soda. The brownies and the Cheez-Its won’t whisper your name and sabotage your good intentions if they’re not in the cabin (well they might, but you won’t hear them so far away).

nordic walking

3. Simple movement

– Just get up. No excuses. Walk every chance you get. Get out of that camper and take an early morning hike. Have your coffee listening to the birds singing, then spend the day bass fishing (eating fish is very healthy). March out of the cabin, zip into town and tour the Fort Washita Museum. ( It’s rumored to be haunted, so if you see a ghost, it’s a good reason run! That’s great exercise.) Walk around the lake watching the sun set, then retire early so you won’t feel the need for that midnight snack. Move. Keep moving. Don’t forget to use our resort roads as your own personal walking trail too. It will get easier all the time, and before you know it, it will be swimming season, and your suit will fit a little better. Though we don’t recommend outdoor swimming just yet.

Your Ocean Canyon family wishes you the best of luck on becoming the trimmer, svelter you! Please be sure to add your own ideas below!

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