Handy camping items you won’t want to be without

Have you seen the LuminAID Light? This little plastic pillow-like thing has a built-in solar panel that, when fully charged, remains lighted for six hours on the High setting (about 35 lumens), or up to ten hours on Low. It folds up to the size of an iPhone and weighs 3 ounces. Clip it on your backpack and, if you keep the solar panel part exposed, it will fully charge in five hours. Hang it from a tree or pole – it has a built in handle – set it in a corner of your tent, wherever you need light.

The LuminAID light was designed to help disaster victims of the Haiti earthquake, but you can get one for about $19 (buy three and the price goes down the $18, and shipping is free). It will recharge about 500 times, so it will last you a couple of years. It’s waterproof to one meter depth, it can float, and it burns no fuel. You can read more about it or get yourself one (or three) at http://luminaid.gostorego.com/luminaid-solar-light.html.

freshbath-300x300So, let’s say you’ve been out in the wilderness for a day or two, enjoying the great outdoors, but you haven’t had the time or facilities to take a good long shower. We all want to stop and smell the roses… but you are not a rose. For your camping pleasure – and that of your fellow camp mates – there’s Fresh Bath Wipes by Adventure Medical. These babies are antibacterial without containing alcohol or other harsh chemicals, and one generously-sized towel will clean your entire body when a shower is just not practical. They even come with instructions for the order in which you should “bathe”. No one will ask you if you followed those instructions, but they may thank you for making the effort. Fresh Bath Wipes are available at www.amazon.com, among other places.

There you have it – two items that might make your next camping trip more enjoyable. If you have a favorite camping product, please share it with us! And whatever you decide to pack, we hope you’ll do it soon, we look forward to seeing you at Texoma Shores RV Park.

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