Easi-Move Remote Control Trailer Hitch

If you have a camper trailer and you’re the designated driver, you’ve probably done this at least once: attempted to get it perfectly aligned on the camping pad while contorting yourself and your vehicle into every possibly angle to make it go where you like. You try to think happy thoughts, try to ignore the campers watching – especially that bozo grinning openly. You wish you’d paid more attention in geometry class. There are wonderful, peaceful, serene moments in camping. This is not one of them. You’re going to have a great time on this trip… until you have to move that camper trailer again.

Have you heard of the remote control trailer hitch? You move the trailer to the vehicle rather than the other way around. It eliminates the frustration of backing up, getting out to see where you are, realizing it went the wrong way, pulling forward and correcting, trying again…. Just push the button on the remote control and your trailer will respond by turning left or right, moving forward or backward. And don’t worry that it might drive off into the lake – it stops if you’re out of range or if there’s a communication malfunction of any kind. It won’t roll on its own on a hill and it’s compact for good ground clearance.

It comes in two sizes: the Easi Move V-2 is for single or tandem axle trailers up to 5,000 lbs – it will even move a single axle trailer in a complete 360 degree circle (which comes in handy if you’re showing off for the grinning bozo). That one costs about $1,300. The Easi Move V-4 is available for trailers weighing over 5,000 lbs, and it runs about $2,500. They both ship free. There’s also an castor wheel, optional but recommended.

Check out the video below, or see pictures and learn all about this handy product at http://www.easi-move.com/. Then head on out to your favorite Ocean Canyon campground and show us your new moves!

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