Camping – a Sensory Experience


Listen. Can you hear it? The cheeping of the morning birds, calling to one another before sailing out of the trees to find breakfast. Somewhere nearby, a camper is rattling a tackle box and gearing up to go catch the big one down at the lake. The only other sound is the breeze rustling the new leaves on the trees behind those cabins.

The air is crisp, and the coffee mug you hold feels good in your hands. It’s a bit chilly now, but the sun is widening her influence and by this afternoon it will be short-sleeve weather. The breeze smells of woodsmoke. Of earth waking up after the long winter’s nap (some longer than others). Of bacon sizzling at a neighboring campfire.

You sip your coffee and nod to a couple heading by on bicycles. They smile back, and you can barely hear the whir of wheels, the slight scritch of tires on gravel. Down a ways to the left, a woman is sitting on her RV patio, reading a book while her little dog inspects each blade of grass around her camp chair.

You could hike today. Fill your backpack with essentials like the canteen and compass, and not-so-essentials like the camera, and a picnic of wine, cheese, and the cobbler left from last night’s dinner.

You could get your own tackle together, go down to the docks and catch lunch. It’s quiet above water but underneath those fish are hopping. You could meet the guys down at the rec center, play a little poker and tell some whoppers. Your wife has been wanting to photograph the various birds you see here, the water birds and the ones in the woods; maybe today’s the day.

It sounds good, and there’s plenty of time for all of it. Later. For now… how about another steaming cup of coffee while you enjoy the quiet.

This sensory message brought to you by your friends at Ocean Canyon Properties. We invite you to come camp with us soon.

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