Keeping the Bugs Out While Camping


It’s a fact of life: no one likes unwanted bugs ruining their fun while camping. Not only are they a nuisance, but some bugs can also carry diseases that can harm you or your pets. Although you can’t eradicate bugs from the outdoors, you can lessen their impact. Here are some tips on preventing the bugs from bugging you too much.

The biggest thing you can do to prevent bugs and insects from bothering you is picking a camping spot in a suitable area. Bugs are big fans of stagnant pools of water and tall grass, and will also be big fans of you if you camp near them. Site with good water drainage are the best for keeping the bugs away.

Although you may want to smell nice to people, you don’t want to smell too nice to the bugs! Make sure to not use perfumes or scented lotions or deodorants. Bugs are drawn to the sweet smell, so it may be best to leave the nice smelling toiletries at home this time.

Covering your skin with long-sleeved clothing, hats, and bandannas is a very easy way to prevent bug bites. It keeps mosquitoes at bay as well as prevents nasty bloodsuckers like ticks from attaching to your skin.

Sweating is a major attraction to bugs, so try and keep the perspiration to a minimum.

Citronella candles burning at your campsite will keep away the bugs and flies, and they smell good, too!

The obvious step to preventing bugs is to wear bug repellant. Use it to spray exposed skin and make sure to reapply it after swimming or physical activity. If you want to go the more natural route, things like garlic, vitamin B supplements, coconut oil, and citrus oils will also keep the bugs away.

Although you can’t get rid of bugs from nature, you sure can keep them away from you! Happy bug-free camping!

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