Two alternatives to large expensive RVs

Campers come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully, so do the vehicles available to camp in. Are you a purist; a bedroll and a water bottle and you’re set? Do you prefer to reside in a mansion on wheels, the creme de la creme of the RV world?

For those of us whose camping vacations fall somewhere in between, here are some cool products you might like:

Swiss Room Box


Check out these four innocent looking boxes. They don’t look too complicated; they fit in the back of your truck or SUV. But inside they hold everything you need to camp comfortably; literally your home away from home. Requiring no special tools, these self-contained components hold your water supply, food, cook pots and utensil storage, and your bedrolls. The boxes shift and the pieces reassemble to magically become your camp stove, table, chairs, bed, and yes, even a sink and shower!

Everyone knows that when camping in the great outdoors, organization is key and multipurpose items are golden. And what else would you expect from the Swiss Army folks? See more at:

The Prolite Suite

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis may be the smallest, lightest travel trailer made. It doesn’t require a truck or SUV to pull it, at 550 lbs. it can even be pulled behind a smart car. It’s narrow and requires no special mirrors. It sleeps two in a bed that folds out from a sofa, and at just under $7,000, hauling it is quite a bargain when you add in the gas you’ll save. The manufacturer has quite a few different versions of it.

Its power supply is 12-volt DC, and uses a Coleman electric cooler for a refrigerator and a Coleman propane stove. There are storage units inside and out.

You are giving up a few things in the small space however; it’s only about 4’4″ high, so you’ll have to stoop inside. It doesn’t have running water so you’ll want to set up camp near a bathroom facility. The table is removable to the outside, as is the cook stove, and with the size of this camper, you’ll probably want to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. But hey, that’s why you’re camping, right? One of the features that makes this appealing is its ability to fit in your garage. Protect it from the weather, avoid those home owner association violations and load it with convenience. Here’s a short video that will show you around:

Whatever you choose to camp in, we hope to see you soon at Tres Rios!

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