Cooking with the sun. Try a solar oven on your next camping trip.

Part of living the camping life is living smart but even ‘the most interesting man in the world’ runs out of supplies now and then. Plus, sometimes that easy trip to the local propane station just doesn’t work out. It’s after hours. They’re closed today. They took off for a special occasion. Whatever. You still need food. It might be nice to have a solar oven or stove along for the ride. That’s right, using the power of the sun and cooking tools you already have, you’re in position to save the day.

solaroven2Let’s say you are out of your favorite cooking and heating fluid. People have to eat! No one likes camping chaos and everyone is looking at you for answers. No sweat you think, ‘I’ll go solar power’. Your handy homemade solar oven or solar stove is there to save the day. As other campers struggle with their matches and lighter fluid, you simply point your oven towards the sun and laugh at the simplicity of it all. You’ll be the talk of the campground with your last minute solar fare. A folk hero in fact. People will talk about you for ages in camping circles everywhere, knowing how you fed a hungry crowd using the power of the sun.

There are several different types of solar setups. You can even create your own using a variety of recycled or inexpensive materials. A box and aluminum foil go a long way towards a completed dinner. They’re so simple to make, it might be a good project for the grandchildren.

A good solar cooking setup saves money and can serve as a great learning tool to grandchildren or that couple across the way that keeps peeking out at you from their RV blinds. Don’t be shy, invite them over to learn what you’re doing, that’s how legends begin.

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