OCP Series: New years resolutions; Organizing your RV

We’re taking on the most popular new years resolutions and giving them an Ocean Canyon spin! Last time we talked about how to lose weight by keeping it simple. To read that blog, visit Texoma Shores RV Park.

Getting organized is a big deal to most people, which explains why it makes the top ten resolutions each year. Space always seems to be at a premium; never more so than when we’re stocking the trailer or RV and heading out to the campground. It’s hard to simplify life while packing the kitchen sink. On the other hand, it’s heartbreaking to be at the campfire with the perfect bottle of vino and no bottle opener. Below, some tips for organizing your camping space:

Whenever possible, use soft sided items. Not only is a soft bag flexible and takes up less space than its rigid counterparts, it hurts a lot less when it dislodges from its RV compartment and beans you at 50 mpg. Think baggies for spices, utensils and packets of tea instead of their original containers. Zip-Locks are also great for marinading, storing leftovers and packing away the muddy gear from your husband’s hiking mishap. Yes, I’m sure he was pushed.

Mountainsmith Modular Hauler

For the occasional and inevitable messes, keep wipes available. Not only will clean-ups deter ants and bugs, but a soft-side pack will take up a lot less space than three kinds of cleaners and four rolls of paper towels. And don’t forget trash bags!

Consider color-coding your bags and packs so you can tell at a glance whose is whose or where you stowed the p.j.s vs. the tent pegs. This Mountainsmith Modular Hauler holds 4 separate color-coded packs. Easy to to unpack what you want when you need it, and when the camping trip is over, much of your camp gear can remain stored in the hauler in your garage, ready to join you on your next visit to Bear’s Den. You can read more about it out here.

If you maneuver your way around an RV or camper kitchen, here are some ideas for maximizing that space:
* A magnet bar to hold knives (or a knife safe) mounted inside a cabinet door will save drawer space.
* If you use real silverware, store it in recycled cans or storage bins. These can also be attached to the inside of a cabinet door, making utensils fast to stow and in one place when your camper or RV is moving.

* Short tension rods installed a few inches apart inside a cabinet will keep cookie sheets, casserole dishes and other slim items upright and making more space for other things.

For great tips on organizing an RV kitchen, visit the RV Goddess’ blog

We can’t wait to see you soon – and your space-saver camping gadgets – at Bear’s Den Resort!

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