Quick and Easy Ways to Cook While Camping

A big part of the outdoor and RV camping experience is the food. From long standing staples such as hot dogs and s’mores, to tasty grilled hamburgers and barbeques, preparing a meal in an RV, or outside over a fire, can be just as simple as in a home.

Crock pot meals, the “fix-n-forgets,” are a good way to get dinner ready. Gather ingredients together in the morning and prepare in the pot over a warm heat throughout the day. Enjoy your activities, such as hiking, swimming, or anything else you have planned, and return home to a nice cooked meal waiting for you. Using leftover meats for soups also helps clear space in the fridge from leftovers. Click here for a list of simple crock pot recipes.

When bringing children camping with you, getting them involved in the preparation of dinner is a good way to keep them entertained and involved. There are simple, healthy meals for the kids. Choose shish kebobs over hot dogs. Kids will still get to enjoy cooking their meals over the fire, plus there is little clean up afterwards. And don’t forget about the always famous banana boats: split a banana, stuff it with a few chocolate chips and marshmallows, roll it in tin foil, and let it warm in the fire. Both of these items are simple to prepare… Click here for more.

If you do not have the electricity available for indoor cooking, a charcoal grill and campfire can still do the trick. Wrap the iron grill in tin foil and build a small wall on the outer rims. Put a small amount of oil in the foil and you are able to fry food on this simple ‘frying pan.’ If you are looking to bake something, let the campfire cool down to embers. Placing a Dutch oven in these, or other items wrapped in tin-foil, will cook them just as well as inside.

There are countless meals and ways to cook while you camp. Whether you enjoy the old-fashioned campfire foods, or cook a big meal inside, any meal is a great way to join your family and friends together.

Leave us some of your campfire recipe tips below.

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