Making the Earth Happy while RVing – Eco-Friendly Camping!

When you go RVing, you are constantly making use of the environment around you. When you are camping in a beautiful place, there are steps you can take to make and preserve the beautiful places that you camp in – and even improve the environment around you for the future. Here are some tips for eco-friendly camping that you can use while you are enjoying the great outdoors in your RV or trailer.

Leave no trace camping – Leave your site cleaner than when you first arrived! People who hike in the wilderness employ the “Leave No Trace” method of camping, and those who RV should do so as well to keep your RV sites nice for the other people who come in the future. Cleaning up your trash is a very simple way to “go green” and be eco-friendly while RVing. Picking up other peoples trash that has been left behind is also a great idea and very helpful. It is also good to avoid tampering with things in their natural state – for example, don’t build a fire pit at your campsite unless you make sure to return it back to the state it was in when you first got there.

To go along with keeping the environment clean – make sure you dump your grey and black water in proper facilities. This ensures that you are not polluting waterways, and therefore peoples water sources. Also, by dumping your water in inappropriate places, you can attract rodents and insects, which nobody likes!

Make sure when you go camping that you stick to designated trails and roads. Erosion is not good for the environment because it can destroy natural flora and fauna growing in the area. Plants also act as a strong root for the soil around your campsites – without these your campsite could become very dusty and unpleasant for future families visiting the area.

These are just a few of many, many ways to keep your RVing green and making Mother Nature happy! How have you changed some of your camping habits to promote a healthy environment?

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