Come Vacation With Us!

Ocean Canyon Properties is bringing back a simpler way of life. Our resort locations offer peaceful, beautiful surroundings that you can enjoy while staying in our cabins, cottages or your own RV. OCP continues to develop the largest private membership resort camping system in the southeastern United States. Members enjoy the unique charm and warm hospitality at relaxing vacation resort destinations in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama and Missouri.


You have a few lodging options when going on vacation:

Hotels, motels and condos are a common choice, but the cost adds up quickly. Besides the high nightly or weekly rate, you’ll pay extra for just about everything you want to do while you’re there – including logging into the Internet, grabbing a soda from the mini-bar or even parking your car. Staying in the homes of family or friends is an option that keeps your costs down but also limits your freedom and privacy, because your schedule for dining, visiting and sightseeing is up to your hosts. An RV camping vacation at a state park can be difficult to get reservations at during prime camping times. Some campsites are inconveniently close together, overcrowded and even unsafe. Leaving the country to go on vacation is costly.

An OCP membership gives you access to our resorts and 300 other private campgrounds/resorts all around the country:

  • Avoid the crowds, parking and costly a la carte expense of hotels
  • Maintain your privacy and security with our private campgrounds
  • Vacation at your own pace, relax or go full speed, you’re the boss
  • We’re TSA free!

Vacations Should Be About ... Vacation

Above all, we strive to provide our members with memorable stays at each of our resorts. Whether you’re into boating on the lake or river, floating in a canoe, fishing, hiking, camping or golfing, you’ll find activities and amenities that keep you engaged. Perhaps you’re into Music? Tres Rios Resort in Texas and Mountain Lakes Resort in Alabama are known for their musical events which were started by our own members years ago. To learn more about the different events and activities that are going on at all of our resorts, view our constantly changing event calendar and see what appeals to you. Bring your own RV or reserve a rustic cabin or cozy cottage for a peaceful, relaxing vacation you can truly enjoy.

Vacations Shouldn't Be Costly

In 2012, the typical vacation cost about $1,100 per person*.
(*American Express summer travel survey, 2012, as cited in

At that average, if you and your spouse take a one week’s vacation each year, in five years you’re $11,000 out of pocket.

Imagine owning lifetime access to resorts that you can vacation in numerous times per year, for typically less money than you’d spend on vacations over a five-year period. You’ll get:

  • Peace, safety, privacy and the convenience of having numerous beautiful locations available to you and your family throughout the year.
  • You’ll have access to 300 or more other participating campgrounds across the country. You’ll have multiple vacation locations that you and your family will love to go back to again and again.
  • OCP memberships can be sold or willed as well, so your entire family can enjoy it for as long as you want.

If you’d like to find out more about an OCP membership, simply call the number above or to take advantage of our special offer to enjoy an inexpensive stay with us at any of our resorts. Just fill out the form on our home page for an inexpensive vacation. We look forward to seeing you at one of our resorts!