Walter Peaks – Employee Spotlight

Before he became a great team member to the Styx River Staff, Walter was one of our faithful regulars on the park. Very quickly Walter Peak became family to everyone here at the resort.  

Walter grew up along the sandy shores of Pensacola, Florida. It was during his junior year of high school when he and his family moved just to the other side of the Alabama state line. It’s here where he decided to put down his own roots. Mr. Peak is a family man. He is the father of two children, his son Wayland, and his daughter Winnie. He has several grandchildren as well. 

The Peaks purchased a Styx River membership back in 2008. His love for the resort and the helpfulness he had for the staff quickly made him family. When he first became a member, he was working construction at a Foundry. But he enjoyed helping out the staff around the resort and making use of his knowledge from all of his work experience so much that we finally asked him to work for us. When he was asked if he would like a job with us, he accepted! We could not have been happier to have him.   

Walter is an invaluable help here at Styx River. He greets everyone with a smile, knows the park well and is the perfect host for our members. He helps fulfill a need that our resort and members have.  

Walter says his favorite thing about working here at Styx River is getting to meet all kinds of new people. He loves to keep busy by helping out around the resort and to be able to hear all of the different stories from our members. He is always quick to recommend all of the popular beaches and shopping, as well as the local food available in the area to our new and returning members.    

We here at Styx River Resort, as well as Ocean Canyon as a whole, are very grateful to have Walter on our team. In the words of Walter himself, “We are a team, we have to work together to make things happen.” We could not imagine having anyone better than Walter on our team. 

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  1. He is a very amazing individual, that me and my husband speak highly of. He always has a smile on his face, and is never to busy to stop and answer any questions or just to speak. Thank you Walter for joining the team and just being you.

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