2022 Spring Newsletter – Texoma Shores

We always miss this time of year when the park is quiet, and our members are out for the season. Although, it’s quiet, the nature that we are surrounded by seems to bring a lot of serenity. The night sky glows with the light of thousands of twinkling stars and the sunsets are breathless. The cooler air makes the warmth of the friendships and campfires even warmer.

While you’ve been gone, we’ve added handrails to the fishing pier as well as added an additional 6’ by 20’ section of fishing pier making it much safer for the kids to enjoy. We have painted the exterior of the buildings on the park, and we are currently redoing motel rooms #4 and #5. This includes new flooring, new appliances, all new furniture, and mattresses, as well as new AC and heat units. We have already completed this update on rooms #1, #6, and #7. Soon the motel building is also getting a new roof. This is going to be a perfect place to get away from the big cities for the weekend and immerse yourself in nature.

In the next few months, we will be getting all new picnic tables for the campsites and pavilion. We are also going to be re-leveling RV sites as they need to be done every so often. New sand will be spread around the swim area and the playground for the kids to enjoy.

If it’s been a while since you’ve last enjoyed Texoma Shores, come stay with us and enjoy the serenity that’s impossible to find anywhere else.

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