2022 Spring Newsletter – Styx River

The smell of campfires, the laughter of families, and the relaxing atmosphere of the trees is currently filling our resort. You are missing out on some cool nights, smores, that winter night sky, and friends hanging out with their favorite cup of hot cocoa. Now is the best time to be at the resort, enjoying warmer days with cool nights by the fires. And while you are here, help us congratulate Lori Baker as our new resort manager!

We survived another year of college football and tailgating, and we enjoyed spending time with each other over a game of cornhole. 2022 started off with a splash at our Polar Bear Plunge. Only the brave and the bold jumped into our outdoor pool in the freezing temperatures. We Rocked-N-Rolled all weekend in the clubhouse with loud music and lots of food. Game Show Weekend was a blast with lots of friendship and camaraderie to be enjoyed.

This March, bring your favorite ingredients to throw in our Hobo Stew and participate in our family-friendly games. At the end of April, help find the hidden treasure throughout the park during our Treasure Hunt Weekend. We start May off with our special Mother’s Sunday Tea Party. The following weekend, our bounty will be full as we sail the high seas in our Pirate’s Weekend.

The resort staff has been busy with all the updates going on around the resort. We have replaced all the ceiling tiles above the indoor pool. We’ve begun to remodel and update all the cabins on the resort. We are working on the concrete around the breezeway and the pool area, leveling and fixing uneven areas. We are also working on a new sales office. Once that is in, we will be updating our putt-putt area. Soon we will be painting and staining the cabins, decks, and buildings. We will be updating the playground equipment, remodeling the Gatehouse, and always improving the landscape. With all the improvements we have going on, we know you will have a great stay with us every week.

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