2022 Spring Newsletter – Millwood Landing

If you haven’t been to Millwood Landing RV and Golf Resort in a while, come check the progress. We have hired some of the best in the area to help us get the golf course, pool, clubhouse, country club, and resort into tip-top shape.

Our main focus in December was on the Country Club Bar and Grill. We purchased all new kitchen equipment and have worked daily on updates, cleaning, replacing ceiling tiles, decorating, and planning for future needs. This project is ongoing, and we are looking forward to the planned opening.
January has been AMAZING. We have purchased and received new equipment for maintaining and rebuilding the 18-hole golf course that is such a huge part of our growth and future success. We have also scheduled the renovation and upgrade of our Swimming Pool.

February brings us even more excitement with the plans to start on the renovation and remodel of our cabins, the cleaning of our ponds, and the cleaning of our fishing areas for easier access and beautification. We are anxious to work towards making every aspect of Millwood Landing better for our members. We work daily towards maintaining and beautifying the RV areas, the cabins and pond areas, the cottage areas, the Pavilion, the Golf Course, by seeding and sanding, and landscaping, and the Bar & Grill and Clubhouse renovation.

We are excited and overjoyed and appreciative of all the support from Peter, Renea, and the OCP gang that have the same visions as the Team here at Millwood about what the future is going to bring us.

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