2022 Annual Newsletter – Tres Rios

The Texas summer heat has finally met its match. If you aren’t here, you are missing the smell of outdoor grills, the warmth of the nearest campfire, and the latest tall tale from the neighbor’s last fishing trip.

The weather is beginning to cool off and the smell of fall and the cooler night breeze are finally coming in. We have been really busy with updates and maintenance this year. By far the biggest project was to tie into Glen Rose’s city water system. Glen Rose has officially annexed us into their city which gives us access to their public utilities. Now that this has been added, expect to see a few new convenient businesses to be built nearby.

We are also excited to try a new gravel foundation. It’s the first of its kind on any of our resorts. These new sites tend to hold the gravel together longer instead of sinking into the ground. This will help with the wetter months as rain begins to gather in sites.

We purchased new washers and dryers and have them installed in the laundry room. We just finished a huge Wi-Fi renovation starting from the ground up. Almost all of the Wi-Fi equipment has been replaced. It’s much better than the old.

In the next few months, we hope to upgrade more 30-amp RV sites to include 50-amp electrical service. We also hope to convert more sites to this new gravel top. And plans include fixing the tin roofs and adding air conditioning to the public bathrooms.

This March, you don’t want to miss the two weeks of Camp Spring Break. There will be lots of fun things to do. In May, bring your best BBQ skills and join us for the Memorial Day BBQ Weekend. In August, we will be learning all things dinosaurs at our Jurassic Weekend. Check out all the fun activities in our 2022 Activities Calendar.

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