OCP Corner – Annual 2021 Edition

OCP 2021 Annual Newsletter

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  • Special Note from the President.
  • Read the latest news from your favorite resorts.
  • Cook up the best Chicken & Dumplings with your crockpot.
  • Get to know Petra Reynolds through our Employee Spotlight.
  • Print out the 2021 activity calendars for all the resorts.
  • And Lots More...
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Comments 1

  1. Dear Sir: Info on the different Resorts need to be updated. We notice in regards to Mt. Lakes, you all have information dating back to 2015. Also, with the amount of dues being paid, the roads need a better upkeep, along with sites. Also, the Bathrooms at Mt. Lakes need a Major overhaul.

    By saying this, you will attract more RVers too the Resort. People are really getting out due to the Virus that is spreading. Mt. Lakes is located in a great spot, so please give it a Complete Make-over. Thanks for your cooperation!

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