Tres Rios – Fall 2019

Texas is hot in the summer as you probably already know, and here at Tres Rios Resort, we are glad that it is about to be behind us! We are excited to see the glimmer of cooler, fall weather beginning to blow in and cool us off. If you’re here in the park and wondering where everyone is, check the pool and anywhere the staff is hustling to get things ready for the great and relaxing weekends we have planned for our members.

We have had a wonderful Summer here at Tres Rios. Memorial Weekend was one of the best, as all the members, across the park, came together to have a good time. For those who missed it, we jammed, danced, and reminisced with some classic rock and a few ole’ country hits behind an excellent live band. It was great seeing the members out dancing and having a great time together.

This fall, we have some events that you won’t want to miss. Blue Hawaii Weekend is back September 6th-8th with the one and only Elvis. Then, in October, we have live music every weekend! Kicking things off October 4th-6th is the “My Grass is Blue Festival,” followed by, Fall Fair Weekend from the 11th-13th. We also have two family fun weekends planned. Harvest Weekend is on the 18th-20th with Halloweekend from the 25th-27th. In November, we will be honoring our veterans with a special Veterans Day Weekend from the 8th-11th. Thanksgiving Weekend starts on the 15th, and you won’t want to miss the special Holiday Baking Weekend getting us ready for Christmas on November 29th.

This summer, we have replaced some fencing around the park. We have remodeled the large cabin #19 and Bunkrooms 15 and 16, and we have also put on new roofs on several of our cabins, including the Horse stall. Also, the Horse stall has received a few new pieces of furniture! This fall, we hope to extend our storage area giving us 10 to 12 new spots and will be working hard to get for fall.

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