Employee Spotlight – Member Services & Reservations Team

Sheraye Cox

Sheraye Cox has been an essential member of Ocean Canyon for the last 8 years. She helps manage 3 different departments and is a huge help to all our resort managers. She grew up and graduated high school in Mineral Springs, Arkansas and afterwards, she attended Henderson State University. Outside of work, you can find her spending time with her family and grandchildren or on a golf course. As a hidden talent, she enjoys writing poems.

Sheraye says that the best quality she sees with her team is that they are very hardworking and dedicated. “I feel they always go above and beyond to assist our members to the best of their abilities. OCP Member Services & Reservations has had more than 5800 calls just in the month of May, we strive to take care of each call as they come in and work very diligently on returning all calls in a timely manner.”

Kayla Renfro

Kayla grew up in a little East Texas town of Henderson. She graduated nearby at Carlisle High School in Price. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family. When she’s by herself, she loves to read and do crossword puzzles. She is also the only person in the office that has the hidden talent of yodeling.

Kayla has been with the company for over 10 years. She actually started at the Millwood Landing front gate. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know the members and working with a great team and growing with Ocean Canyon. She stated that the best part of working with her team is, “we are so supportive of each other and work so well together.”

Tiffany Taylor

Tiffany grew up in Texarkana, Texas. After high school, she did take a few college classes. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family. She also is very crafty and enjoys many types of crafts. Not many know that her hidden talent is crocheting.

She has been with Ocean Canyon for 2 wonderful years. She loves being able to assist our members with reservations and help answer questions about their memberships. She says that the best quality about her team is that we are all like a family and work well together.

LJ Collins

Lisa (LJ) Collins grew up in Texarkana, AR and graduated class of ‘88 at Arkansas High School. Afterward, she received her associates in Business Administration and bachelors in marketing. Outside of work, she loves to fish and camp. She absolutely loves the water. Her hidden talent is writing. She loves to write and has a few completed novels. Maybe one day she will have some of them published.

LJ has worked for OCP for over 5 years and is the person you talk to when you need a group event. Her favorite part of the job is making reservations for the members and listening to all their traveling stories and memories they have made at our resorts. She says that the best part of working with the member services team is that they are a unified team and really communicate and collaborate as a team.

Nazita Jand

Nazita was born and raised in Tehran. After graduating from high school, she furthered her education in Italy. It was in Italy where she received her doctorates degree in medicine. She currently speaks 3 different languages. She has been a part of Ocean Canyon for 4 1/2 years. Her favorite part of the job is being a part of an amazing and friendly team.

Her hidden talents are learning new languages and adapting to new environments. Currently, she is a member of the local Toastmasters Club where she improves her communication and leadership skills. She loves spending time with her family, riding bikes, reading and cooking. She says that the best quality she sees out of her team is that Ocean Canyon is a company that cares a lot about its members, and the member services is a trusting department whose employees try to help members in the best way possible.

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