Styx River – Fall 2018

This summer at Styx River has been one of the best summer the resort has ever seen! We have been busy with events and activities, but not forgetting to take the time to enjoy the river. Perhaps one of the biggest events that took place this summer was our resort paving project. We have officially finished the first part of this project, which included paving two-thirds of the resort with asphalt and we are currently working on a resort-wide WIFI upgrade!

If you haven’t been out to Styx in the last couple of months, you may have missed out on some great events and activities. In June, Gilligan, Mary Ann, Ginger and the Skipper, too, returned from Gilligan’s Island to help us build rafts and huts, dance, sing karaoke, and they even assisted the kids in making island flowers. Then, as the summer drew to an end, we sent the kids off with a back-to-school party. In addition to these great events, you have missed out on the updating of the resorts landscaping and the addition of some new playground equipment, including a nice sandbox.

You can expect great things to take place here at Styx River this fall. With the addition of the new handicap cottage, our resort is now more accommodating for our members and guests. We will be making some electrical upgrades to the park as well. In addition to the beautiful fall weather, you can expect to have many fun events and activities going on all fall long. From a “Who Dunnit Mystery Weekend” to a Fall Festival and Halloween Weekend, and even a special Veteran’s Day Weekend celebration… these are just some of the great events that you don’t want to miss!

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