DIY Fire Starters for Camping!

Picture this: you’re out camping with the family. You’re all settled in, getting comfortable and everything all set up and ready for a great weekend away. After all the driving you did to get to your destination, you and your family are starting to feel little pangs of hunger – time to prepare some dinner to cook over the fire. You go and get some wood and realize – you forgot the lighter fuel at home! This dinner isn’t looking to be so easy anymore.

Well, fret not! Believe it or not, you probably have lots of things lying around your RV that you could use as a fire starter. It may not seem apparent at first, but a little scavenger hunt could turn up a quick and easy way to start up your campfire. Here are some homemade fire starters you can try next time you’re away from it all.

Dryer lint, wax, and egg cartons- put your previously useless dryer lint to good use! A cool way to make a DIY fire starter is to drip wax onto dryer lint, and then place in the inside of an egg carton. Each section of the carton can be lit and placed in your wood pile.

Hand sanitizer – If you put enough hand sanitizer on the wood, it will burn enough to dry out the wood and make it more flammable. Make sure it is not alcohol-free sanitizer, because that will not be flammable enough.

Potato chips – This greasy snack food has just enough grease to really get your fire started! Just put a pile in with the wood and light it. You’ll be amazed at how much they burn!

Cotton balls and petroleum jelly – This little combination packs a big punch and will definitely burn enough to start your campfire.

Please make sure to exercise caution when starting your campfires! As always, safety first, dinner second!

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