Mountain Lakes Music Festival

The History

The first festival unknowingly took place November 2002 the year Donnie Kinney became a member at Mountain Lakes Resort. As Donnie Kinney traveled to various music festivals in the area, he invited many other musicians to join him at the resort for jam sessions as his guest. This get-together started what we now call The Annual Music Festival.

Sandy Perry, Activities Director for Mountain Lakes Resort, along with the help of other musically talented members of the music festival, coordinates the event every year.

The Event

The Annual Music Festival at Mountain Lakes Resort takes place the first full week in November. Mountain Lakes Resort is a private resort and its music festival is such a big event we urge every one to make reservations in advance.

We are blessed to have so many musically talented members participate in our planned activities, which include other shows, sing alongs, the gospel jubilee, Chapel events, and unplanned jam sessions. The bands that come play do so for the love of music but also for tips and donations that are collected during the event.

The resort is always looking for new bands interested in performing for our members. The bands that played at this year’s 11th Annual Music Festival include: Backwoods Revival Bluegrass & Gospel Band, Wills Valley Bluegrass Band, The Carrell Family, Dewey Wells and The Gary Waldrep Band, Bonnie Ridge Bluegrass and Blackjack Ridge out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Typical Activities:

  • Pot Luck lunch/dinner get-togethers for over 160 members and guests
  • Gospel sing-a-longs with resort members and guest musicians, food and fellowship
  • Silent auction fund raiser
  • Daily musical performances twice a day
  • Public/Amateur jam sessions after each band performance

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