“Flight-check” Your RV or travel trailer before your next camping trip

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get that RV out on the open road and head to Mountain Lakes Resort & RV Park!

Here are some tips for RV owners to prep for the season

– and not a bad refresher for those who’ve already gotten started:

  1. Check those tires! Be sure the lug nuts are tightened to the proper torque and tires are at the proper poundage. This not only keeps you safe but saves fuel on your journey. Also be aware that if you store your RV all winter, tires will dry rot faster than otherwise. Check to be sure they don’t need to be replaced (about every 6-7 years). To maximize their life, cover the tires while in storage.
  2. Check to be sure your brake lights work. If you’re towing a vehicle, don’t forget that vehicle needs a light kit as well. Also, you’ll pay double tolls if you’re pulling a vehicle. It’s silly, but be prepared. It’s also a good idea to have an annual check of your brakes and axles.
  3. Be sure to travel with a tool kit, a first aid kit and a map. Consider a GPS system, particularly if you frequently travel to new destinations or take alternate routes.
  4. After turning on the propane, light a stove burner to get the gas flowing and eliminate air from the system. This will help your appliances light faster throughout the trip.
  5. Check water level in all of your batteries and add distilled water if necessary.
  6. Don’t start up your fridge until the RV is level. For best results, run it for 24 hours before stocking, and add as many of the items pre-chilled as possible. RV refrigerators are more temperamental than the one in your home so you have to baby it a bit. Avoid leaving that door open while you peruse the contents.
  7. Finally, a tip for post-camping: once your holding tank is full and you’ve dumped the black and gray water, add water and 1/3 cup of Dawn dish washing liquid to the black tank. The motion of driving your RV home will help Dawn break up waste and clean the tank.

For more great tips and in-depth info, we found this very helpful site: http://curtistrailers.com/rvlearning/blog/2009/Jul/08/tips-and-suggestions-rv-owners/. We hope to see you soon, safe and sound and ready to have fun!

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