Camping By The Numbers


534.9 million – Days Americans spent camping in 2011 (about 12.6 days per person)

140 million – Americans who make outdoor recreation a priority in their daily lives

42.5 million – Americans who went camping in 2011

30 million – RV enthusiasts nationwide, including RV renters

8.9 million – American households owning an RV

90,000 – Acres of water (with 590 miles of shoreline) on Lake Texoma Shores, Oklahoma, where striped bass, catfish and crappie are just waiting for you to drop a line

68,000 – Acres of the exquisite Guntersville Lake, where Mountain Lakes Resort nestles in northeastern Alabama

190.6 – Mean number of miles campers traveled from home to a campground last year

30 – Years that the beautiful Styx River Resort has been serving Gulf Coast campers in Alabama

23 – Railroad cars – club cars, boxcars and cabooses – are used as offices, recreational buildings, shops and overnight accommodations at the unique North Shore Resort on Lake Oconee, Georgia

18 – Holes to play on our challenging private golf course at Millwood Landing in Ashdown, Arkansas

14 – Recently remodeled cabins all along the lake at Millwood Landing

11 – Years we’ve held the Annual Mountain Lakes Music Festival on the shores of Lake Guntersville, Alabama

8 – Resorts and RV parks in the Ocean Canyon family (so far!)

4.97 – Average number of camping trips Americans take in a year

3 – Number of rivers – the Brazos River, Paluxy River, and Squaw Creek – that converge on the southern point of Tres Rios RV Park in historic Glen Rose, Texas (we may have just given away the meaning of our resort’s name)

1 – Number of Ocean Canyon owners you might find dancing and singing karaoke at one of our resorts, particularly if Johnny B Good is playing

 You choosing to join us at any of our beautiful Ocean Canyon resorts… priceless.

And there you have it – camping by numbers for the data-oriented among us.  Come see us soon, we’re thrilled to add to our number!

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