Organizing your RV to save space


For some people, one of the more difficult things to deal with while on the road RVing is management of space. This rings especially true for full-timers, who have to manage to fit their entire lives into the limited space of an RV. However, fear not! There are many tips and tricks to solving organizational issues and maximizing usable storage and space in your RV.

First and foremost, why not take the chance to get rid of some old belongings you’re holding on to but don’t really need anymore? Many of us have too many pairs of shoes, too many ties, and other items to spare. Take the opportunity to donate items or even sell them online or at consignment stores. You’ll be saving space, and possibly even making a little money!

You can also utilize space by using doors to hold some of your things. Putting hooks on your doors can allow you to hang up jackets, towels, bags, and other items that may take up shelf space or floor space. The same thing goes for installing hooks on your walls.

Organizational bins and baskets can go a long way. You can store books, toiletries, games, art supplies, and whatever else you find appropriate, and then stick them underneath seats or stack them on top of each other in closets. Not only does it save space, but it also organizes your stuff so you know where everything is! Some baskets even come with label holders so you know what exactly you’re pulling out of the closet when looking for something specific.

Storing things you aren’t using regularly can also save space. For example, when using your RV in the summer, you can put away your winter jackets in a suitcase, along with other warmer clothes you aren’t using that season. You can do the opposite in the winter with your summer clothes.

There are quite a few other ways how you can save space in your RV, but these are the simplest. A little goes a long way in a small space, so get to organizing and make RV living more comfortable! How are some of the ways you organize your camper or RV?

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