Great camping meal ideas and techniques

Camping meals always bring classics to mind: hamburgers, s’mores, and hot dogs on a stick. But what about others, and easy ways to cook?  There are several great options, with recipes and ways to cook.

Using your grill is the classic camping style. Burgers, barbeque chicken, and so many other great meals have come from this. But try using the coals of your campfire and start a new way of classic meals. Enjoy your day fishing and bring your catch home. Place a frying pan coated with oil on top of the coals. When it begins to sizzle, place the seasoned fillets of fish in and enjoy a great fried fish dinner. Also try this same technique of placing cooking pots and pans on the coals, and cooking soups and chili’s, or other tasty treats in them.

Foil cooking is an even easier way to cook (and much faster way to clean up!). Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Remember to oil the foil.
  2. Place the meat on the bottom of the foil packet so it gets more heat… It takes the longest amount of time to cook
  3. Raw vegetable also take a long time to cook, especially carrots and potatoes. If you do not want to wait longer for vegetables, look for the canned options.
  4. Meat will cook faster if you use items that have juices in them – and will keep it from drying out.
  5. Place the foil in the coals and not the flame. This will encompass it in a steadier heat.
  6. Foil cooking is an easy way for kids to get involved with meals
  7. For great, easy foil recipes, try all recipes here

If you are camping in an area where campfires are not allowed, check in to the new solar burners. This safe item is able to boil, bake, and steam any kid of food by just the simple power of the sun. To learn more about solar burners and ovens click here.

No matter what meal you decide to eat, a meal when camping brings a whole new taste and style. Enjoy the fun of cooking it and the fun with family and friends at the table.

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