OCP Series: Tackle your Resolutions with Tres Rios RV Park

Did you make any resolutions this month? If you’re like most of us, you have some things you’d like to do better or differently this year. In fact, the ten most frequent resolutions Americans make don’t change a lot from year to year. Why? Because they’re not that easy to achieve, but their importance doesn’t diminish from year to year.

Your Ocean Canyon family would like to help you work on some of those resolutions. They’re in no particular order, but I’ll bet they’ll sound familiar:

1. spend more time with family and friends

2. lose weight

3. get fit

4. get organized

5. enjoy life more

6. help others

7. get out of debt

8. learn something new

9. quit smoking

10.quit drinking

Now we can’t help with the smoking and drinking, unless reducing stress counts (an RV camping vacation at a beautiful Texas campground you know and love is about as stress-free as you can get). But for the rest, let’s see how OCP can help you achieve these elusive but all-important goals. Let start with the first one:

Spending more time with family and friends: Quick – think of one of your favorite memories. Was it funny? Poignant? Did it make you smile? Whatever it was, I’ll bet it involved someone important to you. Why do we spend so much time on non-essentials when it’s the people in our lives who make it rich and rewarding? Life speeds by and we’re all guilty of bogging down in boring routines and trivial activities. We forget to engage, to play, to share moments that will make lasting memories.

So load up the RV! Pack that tent (and extra-warm sleeping bag)! Drive to the vacation cabin! If you like, call those friends you met last time you were at Tres Rios or some other resort and invite them to meet you at the campground. Turn off the noise, cancel the appointments, have ‘em hold your mail. That lawn will keep, it’s not growing now anyway. Focus on the people in your life – the people that ARE your life. Head down to your favorite campground/RV park, make some memories and invest some time and attention in your people. We’ll be waiting. Hey, we’d like to spend more time with you too, you know.

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