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Camping in the Winter Months

Even though it may be cold in the winter, remember there are still several ways to enjoy the camping. Below we have just a few of the many things you can do when camping in the winter months.

Hiking gives you a chance to view the surrounding area and winter wildlife. Pack warm outdoor winter clothing, hiking boots, and a small safety pouch filled with items such as band-aids, heat pads, compass or GPS device, and small foods.

Looking for a little more active workout? Check out the fast growing fun of snowshoeing. Look in local stores or online for a pair before you head out on your next trip. Just like hiking, this will give you a chance to view the outdoors but with a much better exercise and chance to head off into the woods.

Northern camping is known to have skiing and snowboarding in local areas. Look to see what slopes are around before you head out and plan for a day of fun on the hills.

Ice fishing will not only bring you a new adventure… it can bring in your dinner for the night! Learn the popular sport of the north if the ice is thick enough on nearby lakes and ponds. COld weather fishing in streams is also very popular.

Sledding… ice skating… snowballs… leaving time for the traditional winter activities should always be done if you have your children with you. Letting them enjoy the snow, and burn off energy, will bring a smile to their faces if you are from an area that typically does not receive snow. Your typical snowman also adds a little character to your RV campsite.

Don’t let cold weather or snow dampen your camping fun. Be prepared to go outside and enjoy the area as there are plenty of things to do.

How do you like to camp in the winter?

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