What can you find in Idiotville, OR?

It seems that everything in our new, modern world has gone electronic. From reading books on our Kindles to sending mail via email to now having directions spoken to us from the voices of phones or our GPS. What are we to do if we lose signal? How many people, especially the younger age, even know how to read maps anymore? This old, exciting way of travelling seems to be trickling away.

One of the first things to notice when you are on the road: take a look at what is around you. Are there any national monuments or parks? What areas will you be travelling through? The screens on the GPS devices only show the roads ahead, not the roads around, as it fails to tell you what is in your surrounding areas. Take time and plan extra time to visit or look into these places.

 A crazy town name is always one that brings a smile to the face of those who are reading the map. Truth or Consequences, NM; Antlers, OK; Idiotville, OR; Goober Hill, TX (and also in LA!); Beer Bottle Crossing, ID; Experiment, GA; and so many more. All states have towns with names like these. A weekend trip to spend time in one, and find the history as to why it was called this, is also a fun getaway for families.

The longstanding tradition of weekend road trips has also been a classic for many. Sit down and pick a spot on the map that looks like it will be fun. Are there attractions in the area? Is it in an interesting location? Sometimes people will climb in their vehicles and RV’s and do as country-singer Brad Paisley says in one of his songs, “drive until the map turns blue.”

To many, a map may seem as though it is a large layout of a state; but this map can hold so many more adventures when you turn your GPS off, and learn to find your way through it. Tell us about some of the more interesting places you’ve been!

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