Traveling with pets in your RV

Camping has always been a family tradition of grandparents, parents, and children; but what about your four-legged, furry children? When many people sell their homes and move into an RV, it may seem as though bringing their pets into the smaller living space is not as living-friendly as a house. However, having your pets with you can be just as easy in an RV as it is in a home.

When doing long-term travelling with your pets, one of the first things to make sure you have is a copy of their vet records. Make sure that their shots are all up-to-date and that if any happen to be on medication, you have a prescription with a continual amount of refills. Popular stores, such as Wal-Mart, do carry simple medications for infections or fleas and ticks. You also need to make sure that you are set for more severe items such as heart worm. Also, speak with your veterinarian about what types of items to keep on hand as a small “pet first-aid kit” for your pets while travelling since you will not be familiar with new areas until you settle in.

Many resorts and campgrounds have become much more pet-friendly than in the past. Always make sure you have a leash with you as all resorts share this same rule that when outside. All pets must be on one whether they are dogs or cats. Also, check ahead of time to see if there are any size and breed restrictions at resorts.

If you are anxious about travelling with your pets, try pre-travelling with them to see how well they will handle the RV life. Cats have been known to not travel well. Take your pets on car rides and see how well they ride. Gradually take them on longer trips until you are comfortable enough to know they will handle travelling in the RV.

Whether you own a dog, cat, bird, or any other animal, don’t forget to take care of them just as you would living at home. And always remember one of the most important things: to keep a name tag on them.

If you’ve picked up a few pet-friendly tips along the way, let us know!

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