Local attractions at Millwood Landing Resort

Just one of the many things to do at Millwood.

Just nine miles away from Ashdown, Arkansas, Millwood Landing Golf & RV Resort has several things to enjoy on park and in the area.

Ashdown is well known for Millwood Lake, one of the top bass-fishing lakes in Arkansas. For those of you who enjoy fishing, Millwood Landing is just one mile away from the lake, with several boat launches. For those of you who enjoy time in the outdoors, there are several viewing areas and trails of the lake. A great time to visit these is at dusk, when you can see plenty of wildlife… and gators. The resort organizes viewing trips in the summer.

Texarkana, best known for being the hometown of famous politician Ross Perot, is just 25 miles away With Texas on the west side, and Arkansas on the east side, this city has several fun family activity areas.  The Fun Country Park has great items such as go-karts, mini-golf, rock climbing and more! There is the Ross Perot Theater, with weekly shows; the Texarkana Regional Arts Center; Stateline Road where you can walk south in Texas, and north in Arkansas; and the Four State Fairgrounds. Every weekend the fairground, home of the Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma border area, holds large events. Be sure to check out what is happening before your next trip to Millwood!

The next cities you should check out on your trip are Hope, Arkansas and Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Hope is also the hometown of another famous politician: former president Bill Clinton. There are several city tours that will take you on areas of where President Clinton grew up, including his childhood home. Head on down to Murfreesboro and plan a day to look for diamonds. There are state parks in the town that allow visitors to sift the grounds for diamonds. And those that you find… you can keep!

If you don’t plan on travelling far, then remember there are also plenty of planned activities on site at Millwood Landing. With family games, homemade dinner specials, and our premiere 18-hole golf course, a trip to Millwood Landing is always full with memories and fun!

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