Getting the most out of your RV campsite space

Using hidden space

One thing that all RV’ers know is this: they are not as big as a home. The amount of space that an RV offers needs to be used to its full amount, whether the owner is on a quick weekend getaway or in it for long-term living. There are several ways that this can be done.

The area that seems to become most crowded is usually the kitchen. Many people tend to have too many pots, pans and Tupperware stored in their cabinets. Start by taking them out and pretending to prepare a meal. How many would you need? Three pots and pans are the typical amount. As for Tupperware? Check your local grocery store for the easy interchangeable ones. These will be able to stack within each other when you store them. Plus they are both microwave and freezer friendly, and can also be used as serving dishes!

A lot of RVs have open wall space. Stop in at a hardware store and purchase a shelving unit. Take your small items, such as your spices, and place them on these. This will open up plenty of space in your drawers to put in more items. If you don’t have enough room on the outside wall, try building one on the inside of a cabinet door. Also use areas in your living area and bathrooms and see what other items may fit in these, such as toiletries.

If you are looking for extra closet space, rigs that have washer and dryer units in them can be taken advantage of by removing these. Place a bar across the area where the items once were and you are able to have more room for clothing, or any other item in your new closet space. Plus, you can resell the washer and dryer (along with the extra pots, pans, and storage containers).

The more space you can save in your RV the better. The best way to look at it is this: If you don’t use it, then you probably don’t need it!

What are some of the creative ways you use your space?

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