Ocean Canyon Properties Green Initiative

ocean Canyon Properties

There is nothing more captivating and fulfilling than viewing nature at its best.  A deep breath of fresh air, crystal clear water peacefully flowing which gives the mind the tranquility it deserves and the beautiful scenic view that leaves the mind admiring its skillful craft. Ocean Canyon Properties ensures that the environment is not negatively impacted by daily operations. The company strongly believes that the Earth must be preserved for future generations. Ocean Canyon Properties is a benefactor of the Earth’s natural resources and is committed to preserving the environment.

Ocean Canyon Properties’ commitment to the environment is evident with the launch of its Green Initiative. The implemented green initiative is a guarantee that the company will manage their resources in the best interest of our planet.

Recycling and Waste Management Initiative

All Ocean Canyon Properties employees are educated and trained about environmental safety.  Ocean Canyon Properties is implementing a recycling program for all its resorts. Every resort has been equipped with the necessities to make the recycling initiative effective. With the company’s business build on nature and the beauty of the environment, waste management is of extreme importance.  Each resort has areas designated for depositing garbage.  The depositing of waste is treated with the utmost importance and is done with the care of the environment in mind.

Electrical Initiative

There are special electrical utilities installed at Ocean Canyon Properties resorts to help with energy conservation.  Electrical fixtures used are low energy consuming and the resorts staffs are trained on energy conservation. All of the company’s new equipment and rental unit appliances are Energy Star rated.

Water Initiative

Water is as precious as life. Ocean Canyon Properties water system is commendably managed and maintained to minimize leakage. The fittings used for showers and faucets in the resorts are low-flow. The Earth is 71% water and we are doing our best to keep it pure. Water use at Ocean Canyon Properties resorts is done with the environment in mind.

Construction Initiative

When constructing at Ocean Canyon Properties resorts this is done in compliance to the Green Construction Standard defined by the National Association of Home Builders. Whenever construction occurs at any of the resorts, protective measures are taken to minimize the disposition of soil and also steps are taken to minimize any future soil erosion.  It is also important that the Wildlife within the area of the construction is not disturbed. The company ensures that the wildlife of the area is taken into account and construction plans do not affect the area’s wildlife. Construction is done in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Administrative Initiative

Products used by Oceans Canyon Properties and their visitors for cleaning are eco-friendly.  Ocean Canyon frequently donates towels to local charities. We also have a program to recycle left-over soap to 3rd world countries who have sanitation problems. Paper is also recycled which intern helps us keep our trees alive.

Oceans Canyon Properties know that if you take care of the environment it will take care of you. The Earth is our home we have to ensure that it is here for many generations to come.  Click here for more details about Oceans Canyon Properties Green Initiative.

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